1. Perl Developer

    Job Title
    Lead Developer

    Los Angeles, CA

    We are a growing company providing creative solutions for the media, fashion, and entertainment industries. We are looking for a visionary lead developer to join our initial management team. The Developer must have prior experience with the LAMP stack. The Developer will be required to support and enhance existing applications as well as build and maintain new applications. The Developer must be self-motivated and willing to work in a highly collaborative environment.

    Write and develop high-quality software code for all layers of the web application
    Modify existing MySQL schema as well as design new schemas
    Support and maintain existing production web applications
    Work closely with business team to translate ideas and requirements into functional features in the web applications
    Provide feedback, propose ideas and take an overall collaborative approach
    Research both open-source and off-the-shelf solutions to meet requirements and provide analysis and recommendations

    Required knowledge, skills, and experience
    Apache / mod_perl

    Preferred knowledge, skills, and experience
    UI/UX design skills

    Characteristics and Abilities
    Ability to troubleshoot and self-manage code
    Ability to make designs cross-browser compatible using clean, standards-compliant markup
    Ability to translate designer mockups into working code
    Ability to identify business and technical impacts of user requirements and incorporate them into the project schedule
    Fluent in web standards and building solutions using semantic markup and CSS
    Understanding of all major browsers and the special considerations required for all various quirks
    Aware of the interplay between JavaScript and HTML & CSS, and can dynamically create, modify, and style elements on a page with ease
    Ability to communicate technical issues with non-technical people
    Creative problem-solver with a desire to innovate
    Passionate about working with new technologies

    Minimum Qualifications
    Four-year college degree in Computer Science or related field, -OR- a combination of relevant education and work experience.
    3+ years of experience developing highly-scalable consumer or business applications on a production environment
    3+ years of web application development
    2+ years experience with relational databases

Apply by sending a message to developer2012@direct2pro.com.


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